Wednesday, 13 June 2012


It has been a while but alas I return with some new tunes that have been on repeat on my various playlist's. Since it has been almost a season (Haha I really need to update this more for my millions of followers) I will make it a long post filled with some known artist and others not so known but equally as captivating.

I remember when Hot Chip first came out and how unique they were to anything else out there musically at the time, well nothing has changed. From their latest EP I have absolutely fallen in love with tune:

Hot Chip - 'Jelly Babies'

These days musicians are getting younger and younger, even I am starting to feel old! Thanks to the help of the internet (where would I be without you) I stumbled across my next artist. At 17 years old (his Soundcloud tells me, so it is verbatim) and already pumping out some astonishingly powerful tunes, he creatively combines R&B vocal sampling with modern bass and vintage 90's House chords; Apple Bottom is definitely one to watch:

Apple Bottom - 'Diamondz'

...I couldn't chose just one so here's another:

Apple Bottom - 'Let You'

Blue Daisy is coming up quite a lot on my musical radar and with the following instrumental track I can see why. Slow and lingering with its emotive undertones I give you:

Blue Daisy - 'Last Song' (Instrumental)

From his forthcoming "Eva Mendes" EP on HyperColour this Mosca track has me completely hooked; Deep, dark and bassy with a Techno accent = delicious:

Mosca - 'Accidentally' (Feat. Robert Owens)

Surkin has been a firm favourite of mine since mi teens so when I stumbled into this pulsating Electro gem by his alternative guise of High Powered Boys with Bobmo, it became an instant hit with me. Ere' take a listen:

  High Powered Boys - 'Streetwise'

I am major 2562 fan so when this remix popped up on my Soundcloud feed I was delighted! 2562 also known as David Huismans always manages to bring a new perspective to the Dubstep genre (not that music should be put into genres anymore) that incorporates elements of Techno, Electronica and many other exciting flavours from a vast musical spectrum:

Amon Tobin - 'Drop From the Sky' (2562 New wave Redux)

Next is a perfectly paired collaboration between Giraffage and XXYYXX. Both exquisite producers, the latter is just a baby (in biological age) at 16! The result is a song that conjures up vivid visions of hazy summer evenings with tunes blaring from a boombox, getting progressively drunker and finding oneself absorbed into the music and lost in the moment... hmmm 'lol', give this a listen anyway:

Giraffage & XXYYXX - 'Even Though'

From the debut album, "A Forest" this down tempo number from the German born, Christian Loffler is definitely one to listen out for. Melancholic and rich with meaning, the album is set for release on June 18th:

Christian Loffler - 'Eleven' (Feat. Mohna)

And now I come to the last of my finds, one which I feel is perfect to finish things on. I remember when Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (I know it's a mouthful) first stirred up a storm on the internet a few years back, now he is more powerful than ever! Playing at an abundance of festivals all over this summer, lets end the post on a high note:

T.E.E.D - 'American Dream Part II'

¬Regards x

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